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SEASON 2021-22


President: Mia Manasses

Honorary Secretary: Sian Nicol

Honorary Treasurer: Steve Reid


John Davies

Paul Holbrook

Steven Lucas

Isobel Evans


Mia Manasses



Melissa Stewart



Online booking using Clubspark, see email for link






Guests must be booked in in advance by emailing kilmacolmtc@gmail.com & sjkreid@me.com




Melissa Stewart 07788 414172



can be obtained from Sian Nicol 07745 455303


Social Tennis is an ideal way of meeting more members. 
It operates on a turn-up and play basis with all standards of player welcome. 
Contact Sian Nicol for details and refer to the News and Events Section for current news.


Wednesdays                  7.00PM

Saturdays               2.00PM–5.00PM






The Super Leagues (comprising several teams of 2 men and 2 women)
take place during the Spring and Autumn. 
These are open to senior members of all standards and also to junior team members.
Please watch the Notice board for details, or contact Sian Nicol (Tel. 07745455303 email sianmnicol@gmail.com)



Kilmacolm Tennis Club Rulebook


All members are requested to adhere to the Club rules so as to ensure the smooth and safe running of the Club. 


Behaviour at the Club


Members must show consideration for one another.  Profane or abusive language will not be tolerated.


The use of tennis rackets and balls outside of the playing area is forbidden.  Tennis balls should not be hit against the clubhouse, particularly against the wall inside the mini tennis court.


Animals are not permitted in the Clubhouse, with the exception of Guide Dogs.  Pets brought into the grounds must be kept under control.


Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse, Grounds or on the Courts.


Members and Guests must adhere to all posted signs.


No placard or notice shall be placed on the walls of the Clubhouse, inside or outside, or otherwise publicly displayed, except by the authority of the Committee or the Secretary.


Members should preferably park their cars on the opposite side of

Castlehill Road, as seen from the Clubhouse.


No coaching is allowed by anyone, other than the Club Coach, unless previously authorised by them.


Members must not attempt to clear snow or ice from the courts.  Salt or chemicals must not be used to accelerate thawing.  Any maintenance work should only be undertaken under the supervision of the Club Maintenance Officer or a designated Committee Member.


Salt or chemicals must not be used on the patio or forecourt paving.


Vandalism, defacing, or any other wilful damage to the courts, the Clubhouse, lights, or any ancillary equipment can result in immediate termination of membership.


Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour at all times during visits to the Club.


The Committee can give Advanced Juniors senior playing rights acting on advice from the Club Coach.  A list of Advanced Juniors will be displayed on the Notice Board.


Behaviour on Court


Appropriate sport shoes designed for tennis, suitable for artificial grass, must be worn on court to protect the grass surface.  Studded or spiked shoes are not appropriate footwear.  Shoes must be non-marking.


Membership tags must be worn or prominently displayed. 


It is recommended recognised tennis wear be worn on court for the comfort of the individual.  Football strips are strictly prohibited.


Players must vacate courts promptly at the end of their allotted time, regardless of score, if the court has been booked by other members.


Prams, buggies and spectators are not permitted on the courts.


Members MUST NOT:

Smoke on court

Dispose of chewing gum on court

Litter the courts

Take fizzy drinks on court.  Only water, or juice in a sealed container, is allowed on the courts.


In the interest of safety, do not walk behind players playing on other courts, either to retrieve tennis balls or to enter the courts.  If you need to retrieve tennis balls whilst play is under way, wait until the rally is finished before walking onto another court.


The Committee has the right to close the courts for whatever reasons, or on any occasion, as they see fit.


When, during matches, one or two courts become available, these courts can be used for social play.  If members exercise this right, care must be taken to ensure that there is as little interference as possible with the ongoing match/matches.  The Captains will inform the visiting team of this rule.


When there is a queue of 4 people or more waiting to get on court, doubles should be offered after 30 minutes of play.  If a competitive match is being played, like a match for the club championship or for the singles ladder, the match shall be completed.




Court Booking


These rules are devised to ensure the club runs smoothly and FAIRLY during busy times.  Outside of busy times these rules are well nigh redundant.  Inevitably, there will be some grey areas.  In those circumstances, we expect the members’ common sense to prevail.


Please book courts online via the ClubSpark App on your phone or desktop.


If members have taken part in coaching, matches, or social tennis, these members, when the activity is concluded, cannot book any courts until after they have left the courts.  Thus, members that have not taken part in the activity will have priority.  Also, if a member attends coaching or social tennis, or plays in a match, that member cannot make a booking for Courts 2 or 3 to follow on after.


Members playing each other cannot book successive court sessions.  When a member is on court she/he is not allowed any bookings until after finishing play.


On arrival at the club, members may utilise any unused time from a previous booking.  They may then carry on with their own booking slot.


If 5 minutes of the booking slot has lapsed, the court is deemed free for anyone to book.


The Committee has the right to pre-book court time for coaching, tournaments, matches, and social tennis activities.


The Coach has the right to book a court two weeks in advance.  When booking, the Coach must consider his timing to lessen the impact on members not taking part in the coaching.

The mini tennis court can be used at all times, except when a match is in progress.


If a member needs to cancel a booking, the member must do so at the earliest convenience as a courtesy to other members.


Juniors can book in advance for their priority time as well as for equal priority time, but must abide by the rules set out in 3.3.


Floodlit Play


The period of floodlit play will be ½ hour per token.  On placing the token in the meter at the beginning of floodlit play there is a short delay before the lights reach full strength.  1 token gives ½ hour of play, 2 tokens 1 hour.


If playing under floodlit conditions and you wish play to continue at the end of the current period, and provided no one else is waiting, it is essential another token is put into the meter before the floodlights go out.  A warning light will come on at each court 5 minutes before the time is up.  If a token is inserted after the lights have gone out the floodlights will not relight for a further 10-15minutes – a safety feature to protect the system from damage.


At 10pm all floodlights will be shut down and cannot be operated after this time, due to Planning Regulations.


Tokens can be purchased from the Cross Café at a cost of £1 each per ½ hour playing time.


Behaviour in the Clubhouse


The Clubhouse toilets, changing rooms, lounge and kitchen must be maintained in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

Wash hand basin and showers should be washed down after use and left in the condition in which they would want to be found.  Water spilled on the floor should be wiped and dried.


Doormats are provided to clean feet on entry to the Clubhouse.  Liquids spilled on the floor or chairs must be cleaned immediately.




Entry to the Club grounds will be via the main entrance, which will be locked when there are no members present.


The two main court entrances and the mini tennis entrance will also be locked when there is no play.


Members, 16 years and older, can apply for a Master key which will open grounds, courts and Clubhouse.  Please turn the key three times to properly lock the clubhouse door.


Members under 16 years of age can gain access to the grounds and courts at any time (between 0900hrs-2200hrs) with a Courts/Grounds key. 


On leaving the grounds please ensure that if you are the last to leave the Clubhouse and outside gates are locked.


Parents who are not themselves members, but whose children are junior members, can obtain a Master key for the Club.  Parents are fully responsible for ensuring that Club Rules are maintained.

The cost of keys will be £10. Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Issuing Officer.  £10 will be refunded on return of a key if membership ceases.



Members may introduce a guest to the club up to 4 times in a year - that same guest may not play more than 4 days in a year.  Members may introduce a maximum of 12 guests per year.  The guest must be signed in by the member by emailing kilmacolmtc@gmail.com & sjkreid@me.com and by paying a £3 per player guest fee prior to playing, into the tennis club account.  Members must be 10 or over before they can sign a guest into the club.  


Members who bring guests are responsible for them throughout their stay at the Club.

No one who has been refused admission as a Member shall be introduced as a Guest.

Guests shall not be entitled to play in Club Competitions with the exception of events listed on the social tennis calendar.




Country Members


A Country Member must live outside of Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, and East Ayrshire.

Country Members have the same rights as Senior Members.  The Country membership fee will be half the full rate.






The member accepts that they enter into any activity at the club entirely at their own risk.  The member further accepts, in the absence of negligence on the part of Kilmacolm LTC, they will hold blameless Kilmacolm LTC, or its coach, for any damages resulting from, but not limited to, injury or death incurred or arising from any activity undertaken at the club.




The Club shall not be responsible to Members or others for loss of or damage done to anything brought onto Club premises.  Should property of Members or others in the clubhouse be damaged or destroyed by fire, the Club shall pay to each person suffering loss or damage the net sum, if any, recovered from the Insurance Company or Companies in respect of the damage or destruction of the property of such person.  Nothing herein contained is to be held as imposing any obligation on or agreement by the Club to insure against loss by fire the property of Members in the clubhouse.


Members and visitors shall be personally liable for damage caused by them to the Club premises and Club property, and will be subject to disciplinary action by the Committee.




Priority Times


Monday to Friday

9am- 6pm:              Juniors and seniors have equal priority.

6pm – 10pm:          Senior players have priority.

9am-8pm:               Junior members playing with senior players shall have the standing of senior members whilst in play.



9am-1pm:               Junior players have priority.

1pm-10pm:             Senior players have priority.



9am-1pm:               Junior and seniors have equal priority.

1pm-10pm:             Senior players have priority.


If a non-priority player is on court, and sees priority players waiting, the non-priority player must offer the court to the priority players.


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